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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Europe Anticipation

It seems Mark & Nita have fallen in love with France.  After honeymooning there a few years ago and going back twice since, they decided to rent an apartment in Avignon for a month and invite friends to come visit.  Marcie, Beth & I were so glad that we took them up on the offer.  The apartment was beautiful, the food delicious, the vibe was perfect: quiet, laid back, cultured, beautiful, fun... kinda like Mark & Nita!  ;)  I always enjoy spending time with them, so when they invited me to Dinan, France this Fall, I could hardly say no.

Here's the website we put together for the Avignon trip:

Marcie & I had talked about how great it would be if we could go on a trip with our moms.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Our moms don't know each other, but we imagined them getting along great and entertaining each other when Marcie & I felt the urge to spend an evening sharing a bottle of wine and laughing uncontrollably about nothing. 

So the plan began.  When I got an email from +Bill Laughlin, father of good friend +Tiberius,  inviting me to join him at Oktoberfest in Munich the last week of September, (the week before our Dinan trip), I figured it was destiny.  How cool to be able to say, "Well, I'll be in the neighborhood... Why not!?" 

My mom is not a drinker.  When I told her that I planned on going to Oktoberfest before France, she asked, "Why would you want to just go and drink beer?  That sounds like a waste of time."  When I told Marcie about the invitation, she said something like, "OH MY GOD!  That sounds AMAZING!  Of course I want to go!"

So we looked at a map.  What's in between Germany & France?  Switzerland!  We had planned on going there a couple years ago to visit +Jenni, but she ended up not moving there so we scrapped plans to visit there and went to Amsterdam instead.  Now that Switzerland was on the path to France, it seemed destiny was crooking her finger at us once again, telling us this trip was meant to be.

We found a great apartment at a very reasonable price in the city center of Munich on - the same site we'd had luck with in Paris & Amsterdam.  It looks to be small but adequate for Marcie & me & not far from the Oktoberfest festivities.

The apartment Mark & Nita found in Dinan looks adorable.  Check out the website I did for that portion of the trip here:

We haven't figured out the Switzerland portion of the trip yet, haven't figured out details on any portion really, but I'm sure it will be amazing no matter what happens. 

Valley of 72 waterfalls Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland